USAA Named Best Company to Bundle Home and Auto Insurance in 2021, Says Insurance Panda

A New Article that was Recently Posted to the Insurance Panda Website Takes an In-Depth Look at the Best Auto Insurance Companies that Offer a Bundling Option

The founders of Insurance Panda, an auto insurance quotes provider based in New York City, are pleased to announce that they have just posted an informative article to their website that answers a timely question: which are the best auto insurance companies for bundling?

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As a company spokesperson noted, the founders of Insurance Panda know that bundling home and auto insurance can save people thousands of dollars on their policies. They also realize that a lot of drivers and homeowners have questions about this option, in part because of the many commercials on TV that mention it.

The founders have also seen first-hand how the bundling option is not created equally. Some companies offer better home and auto insurance bundles than others; for example, while some lower premiums by 20 percent or more, others give a much smaller discount.

This knowledge inspired the founders to carefully research a number of insurance companies and learn which ones currently offer the best home and auto insurance bundles.

After spending hours looking into this question, the founders of Insurance Panda have concluded that USAA is the best company to work with when bundling home and auto insurance in 2021.

“If you qualify for USAA membership, then you can save hundreds – even thousands – on a home and auto insurance bundle,” the article noted, adding that people can expect to save about 10 percent by bundling with USAA.

“USAA offers a full range of home and auto insurance products, making it easy to select the coverage you like. In most states, USAA is one of the best-value options for car insurance, offering discount rates without compromising on claims satisfaction or customer service.”

Other companies to make the list include State Farm, which claims the average policyholder can save around $600 by bundling; Allstate, which offers a generous bundling discount and also savings to people who switch to their company for the first time, and the car insurance company GEICO, which partners with homeowners insurance companies across the country to offer bundles.

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