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For Busy Entrepreneurs Who are Tempted to Sneak in Work Time while on Vacation, Madhani’s Advice will Definitely Come in Handy

Arshad Madhani is pleased to announce that one of his articles was recently featured on In the article, Madhani shared four key pieces of advice that can help busy and devoted entrepreneurs to learn how to balance work and travel.

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As Madhani noted in the article, it can be challenging for hard working entrepreneurs to detach from work and relax. It can be especially difficult when business people are on vacation and are able to plug in and work from remote locations.

With this in mind, Madhani’s first tip is to “Make Some Trips for Fun and Relaxation Only.” As he noted, to avoid burnout, entrepreneurs must completely go off the grid from time to time. 

“It doesn’t have to be every single trip or even every day of the trip, but find the time to avoid the work phone, keep the laptop closed, and relax,” he said, adding that for people who are obsessed with checking their phones every few minutes, they should strive to put it into Do Not Disturb mode and limit its use to emergencies only.

Madhani also suggests that entrepreneurs should take advantage of down time when traveling to catch up on work; this can include time at the airport waiting for a flight or while on a plane.

“Instead of watching a movie that you can watch at home or wasting time in airport shops and bars, why not knock out some work,” he said, adding that people can possibly even work ahead, so they aren’t forced to work when they would rather be relaxing.

“Another option is catching up emails and work calls while in an Uber or Lyft. You can also catch up on calls with clients while driving. Take advantage of these downtimes as much as possible.”

And while vacationers may be tempted to sleep in while they are away, Madhani advises against this. Instead, entrepreneurs should get up early, tackle the day’s tasks and then enjoy the rest of the day exploring the town and relaxing with family and friends. 

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