Grace Recovery ATX to Open a Second Location at the End of January, 2020

Grace Recovery ATX Assists Addicts, Alcoholics and their Families in Reclaiming their Lives from the Disease of Active Addiction

Becca and Leah McIlrath, sisters and Co-Founders of Grace Recovery ATX in Austin, Texas, are pleased to announce the upcoming opening of their second location. The new sober living home is slated to open its doors by the end of January, 2020.

To learn more about Grace Recovery ATX and how the sober home can help addicts and alcoholics in their recovery by taking back their lives from the clutches of addiction, please visit 

As Leah noted, addiction has touched every aspect of her life, as well as her sister Becca. Both women are in recovery themselves and felt strongly that opening a sober house for other women dealing with addiction was an honorable way to give back to the recovery community.

“My sister struggled for 10 or 11 years and one of the things that she changed most significantly in her life was sober living, and that longer continuum of care,” Leah said, adding that both she and Becca realized that after going through a year of treatment, women need individual attention to help them get their lives back on track.

“What Grace Recovery ATX does is offer that individual attention and a safe, drug-free place to live so that women can, in a supportive way, get their lives back on track substance-free.”

The sisters opened the first sober house during the Winter of 2018. Now, with the upcoming grand opening of their second Grace Recovery ATX location in the very near future, they are looking forward to helping even more women and their families to live sober, successful and happy lives.

By consistently providing education, guidance, support, skills and more, Leah and Becca hope that both the women who are struggling with addiction and their families can be self-sufficient and prosperous. 

“Sober living is close to our hearts,” Leah said.

“It’s very important to us that we run a very high standard of ethical care that is individualized for the girls and that it’s done with the intention to help women.”

About Grace Recovery ATX:

Grace Recovery ATX was founded by sisters Becca and Leah out of a love and desire to assist other women in their recovery. As one of the only sober living homes in Austin that accept women only, they are uniquely positioned to assist and nurture their clients in a way that other programs cannot. For more information, please visit

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