Certified Mold Cleaning, a Portland Mold Cleaning Company, Experiences a Major Increase in Demand for their Services

It was an Exceptionally Busy Summer and Fall for Certified Mold Cleaning, which Services the Metropolitan Portland, Oregon Region and Beyond

The founders of Certified Mold Cleaning, a Portland mold cleaning company, are pleased to announce that they experienced a banner summer and fall. Within the last several months, more customers than ever have contacted Certified Mold Cleaning for their mold restoration services. 

To learn more about Certified Mold Cleaning and how they provide certified mold inspections to customers throughout the Portland, Oregon area, as well as south to Eugene and north into Washington, please visit http://www.certifiedmoldcleaning.com/why-we-are-different/. 

As a company spokesperson noted, from homeowners who have discovered black mold in their home and who are looking for a certified mold inspector to remedy the issue, to business owners and real estate investors who are also looking for reliable mold remediation services, the team from Certified Mold Cleaning has been especially busy lately. 

“As experts in the mold remediation and removal industry, we handle every job with care, discretion, and professionalism to ensure your peace of mind,” the spokesperson noted, adding that every certified mold remediation contractor who works for the company will respect their clients’ time and their property, always trying to do their work with minimal disruption to their clients’ routine or downtime for their business.

The fact that Certified Mold Cleaning has seen such a major increase in demand for their services will not surprise the many satisfied clients who have already worked with the company. Since they first opened for business, Certified Mold Cleaning has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the best mold cleaning companies in the state.

“We also offer a 36-month guarantee that the mold will not return to your property as long as all necessary repairs are made and the recommendations followed as outlined in the inspection report – or we will return and retreat the area free of charge,” the spokesperson noted.

About Certified Mold Cleaning:

Certified Mold Cleaning’s system of mold removal is the future of mold remediation. It’s guaranteed to remove all types of mold, including toxic black mold from a home or building safely, quickly, and with less cost than traditional methods. In most cases, home and business owners do not have to relocate while the remediation process takes place, nor do they have to have drywall or furnishings removed, which avoids additional reconstruction or refurbishing costs. Put simply, most of the time the company is in and out in a day. But hurry—mold left untreated will continue to grow and cause more damage. For more information, please visit http://www.certifiedmoldcleaning.com/. 

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