Leader Pact Announces the Creation of an App for its Intelligent Job Platform

Leader Pact is a Network that Directly Connects Executives Who Are Looking for Work to Companies

James Patrick, CEO of Leader Pact, is pleased to announce the creation of a new app for the company’s intelligent job platform.

To learn more about Leader Pact, which is a premium leadership professional network of job sharing that brings translucency to business leaders through intelligent matching via Artificial Intelligence, please visit http://www.leaderpact.com/.

As Patrick, who was previously a managing director at EY and SVP at Universal noted, he was inspired to create Leader Pact in order to help overcome the infirmity in the conventional process of leadership hires that he experienced and saw by being both a hiring manager as well as a candidate. 

Through the use of Artificial Intelligence and with the approach of employer and candidate matching, Leader Pact aims to provide leadership opportunities to business leaders that have been inaccessible to them. 

“Leader Pact enables business leaders to have better control over and find leadership positions in their industry,” Patrick noted, adding that it is also enabling the connection between the recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates. 

“Therefore, Leader Pact is helping the business leaders and companies find the best roles and talent possible.”

According to the in-depth research that Patrick conducted prior to launching Leader Pact, companies are definitely concerned about their ability to find outstanding employees.

“An article that I read in ‘Harvard Business Review’ said that hiring talent was the number one concern of CEOs, as well as the top concern of the entire executive suite,” he said.

“Also, just this year CNBC reported that research found that 70 percent of all jobs are not published publicly on jobs sites.”

As Patrick explained, leadership hiring has become a regressive sector, and hasn’t been able to innovate fast enough for the growing needs of companies and business leaders who want to grow and bring value to the business world.

“We see Leader Pact at the intersection of AI and leadership hiring which is a $193 billion market, and it’s ripe for innovation, via an unconventional technology that brings the best leaders and the strongest companies together securely and safely.”

Leader Pact user base has grown at a rate of 110 percent since launch, Patrick said. This includes the senior executives, board members, vice presidents, and directors from 90 percent of the Fortune 500 and 70 percent of largest startups in the world.

About Leader Pact:

The goal of Leader Pact is to democratize leadership positions so that the best business leaders have access to them. The positions available on Leader Pact come from employers and intelligent algorithms with hiring contact details so that business leaders can directly meet with each other. Leader Pact is free to join. For more information, please visit http://www.leaderpact.com/.

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