Intellifluence, an Influencer Marketing Platform, Releases New Feature that Allows Brands to Determine Influencer Fit

Thanks to the New Feature, Brands and their Agencies Can Decide on the Influencer Fit Before Committing

The founders of Intellifluence, an innovative influencer marketing platform, are pleased to announce the launch of a new feature that lets brands and their agencies determine influencer fit prior to committing.

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As a company spokesperson noted, this new “free free” philosophy exists because the team at Intellifluence feels that in the “wild west of influencer marketing, too many people are being taken advantage of.”

This inspired the founders to create a campaign creation wizard that lets an individual set all filters first—and gauge the amount of the uniquely fit influencers for their particular campaign, all without needing to enter any payment or contact information.

“We believe so strongly in our warm contact influencer network that we don't want a brand spending money unless it can do so confidently, knowing we have the influencers needed,” the spokesperson noted, adding that the friendly Sally bot, a “handsome and brilliant robot guide” can help walk people through the creation of a potential campaign before they register as a brand.

This new feature definitely helps to set Intellifluence apart from similar companies; as the spokesperson noted, in the software as a service world (SaaS), typically clients have to sign up for a complimentary trial that requires an email or credit card, or they have to sit through a long sales call and demo cycle, where a customized report is created for them. Or, they have to “buy it and try it” to determine if the SaaS is a good fit for them.

“We want you to sign up and use Intellifluence because in our humble, albeit biased, opinion it delivers the highest ROI you can get on a warm contact influencer marketing platform,” the spokesperson noted.

“We’re simply so confident that we’re willing to let you test drive the campaign process before you have to commit.”

About Intellifluence:

Intellifluence is an influencer marketing platform that makes it easier for brands of various sizes and peer-level influencers to work together to achieve their goals. In over two years, over 35,000 influencers with an aggregate reach of  around 3 Billion have joined Intellifluence. Influencers can join the network for free with no obligation and brands can choose a plan that fits their needs. Brands are able to create campaigns with public offers for the influencer Marketplace or use the Discover tool to search for influencers in various countries and across all popular social media platforms and blog networks. For more information, visit, follow the company on Facebook at or Twitter at or Instagram at

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