Following the Popularity of the Black Car Seat Protector, Lusso Gear Launches Four New Colors

Customers Can Now Choose from Tan, Red, Brown and Gray, in Addition to the Original Black

The founders of Lusso Gear are pleased to announce that their black car seat protector has been so popular with shoppers, they have just finished designing and producing four additional colors.

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As a company spokesperson noted, the founders of Lusso Gear were understandably delighted by how well their black car seat protector sold. In an ongoing effort to provide their valued customers with the best possible service and products, they decided to add four additional colors to their inventory: tan, red, brown and gray.

This way, if they wish, shoppers can match their car interiors with a high quality and durable car seat protector that is designed to provide comfort, protection, and last a long time.

The founders also understand that cars can be messy places. From adults or babies spilling food and/or beverages on their car seats to having pets who travel with them leaving fur all over the seat, a car’s upholstery, whether cloth or leather, can really take a beating.

This knowledge inspired them to create and launch the Lusso Gear Car Seat Protector. Unlike some other car seat protectors that are flimsy and cheaply made, the Lusso Gear brand is exceptionally tough and well-made.

“Combining reinforced stitching, comfortable padding and hassle free maintenance, our car seat protectors are here to accommodate even your most demanding needs,” the spokesperson noted, adding that no matter if a car’s upholstery is brand new, second hand or old, their seat protectors will complement it.

In addition to featuring thick padding and large pockets for convenient storage, the Lusso Gear car seat protectors feature durable PVC leather construction that easily conforms and adjusts to the seat via safety straps.

“Forget about seat protectors sliding off the seat, slipping under your legs and causing discomfort. This car seat cover has anti slip dots for extra grip,” the spokesperson noted, adding that it is perfect for those traveling with kids, their whole family, babies, or road warriors traveling by themselves.

About Lusso Gear:

Lusso Gear was established in 2016 to focus on high quality car interior accessories that help busy parents, guardians and road warriors by making the hours they spend driving more enjoyable. Customers love their car organizers, seat protectors and automobile trash cans with new products being introduced all the time. For more information, please visit



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