Terry Godwin, AKA The Laughing Poet, Launches His New Website

In Addition to Offering Information about his Appearances and Work, People May Also Purchase Godwin’s Books Through the New Site

Terry Godwin, AKA “The Laughing Poet” is pleased to announce the launch of his new and user-friendly website. The new site includes plenty of great information about Godwin and his work, as well as a section devoted to his books, which are readily available to purchase online.

To check out the new website as well as Godwin’s selection of books that are for sale, please visit https://thelaughingpoet.co.uk/books/. 

As Godwin noted, he is also now offering a public speaking service, and he also gives readings on his latest book which his titled “How to Become Happy and Make Others Happy Too.”

“I am also continuing my work with the Sunlight Centre, Rainham Poetry Group at the Sunlight Centre Radio Room on the fourth Wednesday of each month,” Godwin said, adding that anyone can join and read their verse in “the Medway Hour of Poetry” between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. 

“If you would like your poetry read, send it to me,” he said.

Godwin is well-known throughout the area for his talents for writing rhyming poetry about anything and everything related to everyday life. For the past four years, he has performed readings of his rhyming poetry to clubs and organisations that are looking for a speaker who can entertain the audience for a least an hour. If requested, Godwin can also spread his presentations to two hours or more by making a workshop presentation.

“I give public readings usually in the Kent area. I am sent jokes and humour of which I turn into verse, hence the Laughing Poet. The poetry group and I are also looking to make contact with other poets,” he said.

About Terry Godwin:

Terry Godwin is a poet that writes rhyming poetry about anything that is important in life. That includes love, romance, humour, everyday matters and thinking positive and encouraging everyone to be happy and be good neighbours. His published books are ” Anna’s poems of love life and humour” “Love, Love, Love,” ” Love and Marriage” ” Come fly with me” The Laughing Poet” and his latest book ” How to become happy and make others happy too.” Godwin is also chairman of the Rainham Poetry Group in the Medway Towns in Kent near Rochester; the group reads in the radio room of the Sunlight centre in Gillingham every fourth Wednesday of the month. For more information, please visit https://thelaughingpoet.co.uk/about/

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