Glenn Lundy, Host of the Popular Morning Show #RiseandGrind, is Featured in an Article in Forbes Magazine

Lundy’s Daily Show Teaches “The Morning 5 – Five Simple Steps to an Extraordinary Life”

Glenn Lundy, host of the daily morning show #RiseandGrind, which has taught hundreds of thousands of people about “The Morning 5 – 5 Simple Steps to an Extraordinary Life,” was recently featured in Forbes Magazine.

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As Stephanie Burns, the author of the Forbes article titled “Slow Work From Home Mornings? Try These Tips To Supercharge Your Sunrise,” noted, getting out of bed to start working from home is definitely challenging.

Because COVID-19 has caused so many people to switch to a remote working environment, they may be more tempted to hit the snooze button and stay in bed a bit longer. However, Burns wrote, mornings can definitely be a great time to accomplish lots of work and be especially creative.

To help inspire people to get up, get moving and set the tone for an amazing day, Burns spoke with a number of experts on the topic, including Lundy. As he told the author, his morning routine includes five steps, including never hitting the snooze button, not looking at the smartphone the first thing, writing down some goals and things to be grateful for, and sending an encouraging message to another person.

Finding a way to get moving in some way—stumbling over to the coffee pot doesn’t really count in this case—is also key to a great start to the day, Lundy said.

“Whether you’re crawling, walking or running, get the blood pumping,” Lundy said.

“An object in motion tends to stay in motion.  An object at rest tends to stay at rest.”

Once people have knocked out a few of their items from their to-do lists and gotten a solid start to their day, then Lundy said it’s okay to check emails.

“There’s nothing on your phone that won’t still be there later,” Lundy said.

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