Best-Selling Author Aimee Tariq, Imran Tariq and Tyler Wagner to Co-Author a New Book “The Pyramid of Trust”

The Book Will Discuss the Hierarchy of Trust and How People Can Improve their Trustworthiness with Others

Aimee Tariq, a Wall Street Journal best-selling author, her husband Imran Tariq and their close friend Tyler Wagner are pleased to announce that they will co-author an upcoming book titled “The Pyramid of Trust.”

As Imran Tariq noted, the book will discuss what he refers to as the “hierarchy of trust,” and how even those who have virtually no or little trust can become the most trustworthy of people in less than 12 months. The book will also offer advice on how to establish trust in all areas of life and create certainty in an uncertain world.

Aimee Tariq has had a great deal of success as an author. Her recent book, “Panic! Germs and the Truth Inside American Mouths,” was listed as number 2 on the Wall Street Journal Bestseller List. 

Aimee Tariq said that she, her husband and Wagner are looking forward to the upcoming release of “The Pyramid of Trust,” as well as reading the reviews of their book. She said they are also hoping their book will inspire people to feel more trusting, while also being worthy of the same trust from others.

Once the new book is completed, the trio will publish it through the help of Wagner’s company, Authors Unite. Through his company, Wagner and his team help authors with a number of key services, including ghostwriting by talented and experienced writers, book editing, publishing and more.

“We believe by helping authors succeed, we help the world succeed. The best way to achieve this is to assemble a book publishing and book marketing team with the best minds in the industry and this is exactly what we did,” Wagner said, adding that since first launching Authors Unite, he has helped a large number of people to become bestselling authors.

The publishing services, which Wagner will use on his and the Tariqs’ upcoming book, include a custom book cover by a world-class designer, professional interior layout and both a paperback and eBook format.

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