Connie Bobo, CEO of Mind Your Mission, Announces Program for Nonprofits to Increase Sustainability and Secure Funding

This Transformational Program Can Position Nonprofits to Get the Long-Term Funding They Need in as Little as 10 Weeks

Connie Bobo, CEO of Mind Your Mission, is pleased to announce her transformational program for nonprofits that is designed to increase their sustainability while also helping to secure long-term funding.

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Through her work as a nonprofit coach and church consultant, Connie has seen firsthand how frustrating and challenging it can be to build a successful and thriving nonprofit.

She also knows that it is often a scary and confusing time, typically involving low or nonexistent funds and a lack of help. It is not uncommon, after receiving a number of rejection letters, for people to give up on their dreams of funding a nonprofit.

To help people develop and build nonprofits that are sustainable and have the funding that they need to grow, Connie was inspired to create and launch her program through her Mind Your Mission company.

By assisting people in clarifying and refining the goals for their nonprofits, as well as strengthening their leadership, Connie has already seen nonprofit organizations get the funding they need in as little as 10 weeks.

Connie begins her innovative program by encouraging people to really hone in on and clarify their mission. As she has seen over and over again, the number one reason nonprofits and churches do not make it is a lack of this all-important clarity. 

“Your mission is your roadmap and lights the path to your destination and impact.  If you don’t know where you are going, or how to get there, how will you ever know if or when you arrive?” Connie asked, adding that she and her team strive to help their clients to clearly identify who they are as an organization, “define” what they do, and answer “why and how” they do it.  

“Every policy, program, and plan developed thereafter, is centered around your mission.”

Even though the program was launched not long ago, Connie said she is humbled by the number of clients who have posted positive reviews to her company website.

For instance, the founder of Vintage Team highly recommends Connie and her work.

“Connie was great – open and prompt communication, worked with us closely to understand our needs,” the review noted.

The founder of The Bloom Project also had high praise for Connie and her program.

“I really appreciate Connie. She is amazing and does excellent work. She goes above and beyond the call of duty and provides services that exceed her offering with supportive recommendations,” the review noted.

About Connie Bobo and Mind Your Mission:

Connie Bobo, CEO of Mind Your Mission, helps nonprofit organizations increase their sustainability and helps them secure long-term funding. She has helped dozens of churches and nonprofits increase their capacity, secure funding, and drive impact in their community. Click here to learn more about her transformational program:

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