Announcing the Launch of ROAD, an Internet of Vehicles Driver-Assistance OBD Device

As an IOV Project, ROAD is Integrated with INT Chain

The founders of ROAD are pleased to announce the upcoming launch of their Internet of Vehicles driver-assistance OBD device, which features a masking algorithm.

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As a company spokesperson noted, ROAD is a blockchain project incubated by INT Chain, an IoT public blockchain that focuses on technology application. INT Chain has accumulated a great deal of experience and technology in the blockchain field; because of this, the integration of ROAD and INT Chain is an ideal combination for such an innovative IOV project like ROAD.

In addition to being a driver-assistance OBD device with masking algorithm, ROAD is an auto-ledger accounting system for the full life cycle of the automobile. 

“We believe that ROAD will become an infrastructure for automobile industry in the 5G communications and artificial intelligence era,” the spokesperson noted, adding that the business ecosystem is based on the single auto-ledger, which includes driver-assistance, vehicle condition monitoring, road rescue service, car maintenance, refueling and charging, parking management and community social service.

The team behind the creation of ROAD is made up of a group of successful entrepreneurs who had worked in Alibaba, the spokesperson noted. For instance, Aaron Li, the strategic partner of ROAD, had worked in Alibaba China for 6 years as the Manager of the Exhibition Development Department. There, he was responsible for the exhibition and marketing channels, as well as government relations.

“After leaving Alibaba, he founded Incubator Industry Park, and in 2017, Li founded Molege sharing massage chairs, which created a new sharing business model of social e-commerce and the sharing economy,” the spokesperson noted.

“He helped more than 1,000 franchisees to launch the new business model through the Molege massage chair.”

In 2018, Aaron. Li established the mobile APP-Sanhe Auto Parts Website, which is dedicated to solving the development bottleneck of the automotive aftermarket Internet industry with a distributed business model.

PP Wong is also a member of the ROAD team. Like Li, he had worked in Alibaba for 6 years; after leaving the company, Wong started his own business in the Internet of Vehicle industry. He is also the co-founder of a well-known automotive aftermarket enterprise called Diandian Automobile Care.

As the Technical Expert and Chief Architect of ROAD, Dr. Huiqiang Wang plays a very important role in the project. Dr. Wang graduated from Tongji University with a master’s degree, and then won a national scholarship program launched by the China Scholarship Council, before going to the University of Stuttgart in Germany for his PhD. 

After graduation, Dr. Wang returned to China and started his research work. He was the co-developer of The National High Technology Research and Development Program of China and he is also experienced in the field of blockchain.

About ROAD:

ROAD is a blockchain project incubated by INT Chain, an IoT public blockchain that focuses on technology application. The auto-ledger is an interaction and accounting system for the full life cycle of the automobile. For more information, please visit 



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