Announcing Family Legacy, a Service that Allows People to Record Messages that Will be Delivered After Their Passing

The Service Was Created By a Man Who Was Comforted By Hearing His Late Dad’s Voice on the Answering Machine

When Michael Anzalone’s father passed away, Anzalone called his parent’s home and got the message machine that still featured his late dad’s greeting.

Anzalone was so comforted by hearing his dad’s voice that he called back to hear it again. After sharing this touching story with his friends, many of whom reported saving old voice mails from loved ones for the same reason, Anzalone was inspired to create a service that would allow people to record messages that could then be distributed after their passing.

Anzalone, who is a self-described serial entrepreneur and visionary, launched Family Legacy USA and set out to create a user-friendly platform that will not only record and store personal messages but also allow users to upload photos.

To learn more about Family Legacy, which will be launched in the near future, and how it works, please visit

“Family Legacy is a service that helps you preserve recordings, thoughts, wisdom and more. All so that friends and family can experience you well after you are gone,” Anzalone said, adding that thanks to the innovative service, which is also currently the focus of a fundraiser on Kickstarter, peoples’ legacies will remain alive well after they are gone.

From people who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness and those who are elderly, to people who have dangerous jobs that place them in life-threatening situations on a regular basis and those who want to be prepared for the unimaginable, Family Legacy will allow them to choose their words, dates and images—and Anzalone and his team will do the rest.

To honor and thank first responders and members of the military, Anzalone said he will offer his service to them at no charge. This will be possible thanks to the help of his company’s sister platform,

“For the deceased prior to their passing, this service provides the comfort of knowing they have left no words unsaid as well as the joy of knowing they are passing along life experience. For those left behind, they’re able to grieve while keeping a healthy connection to their loved one,” Anzalone said.

About Family Legacy USA:

Family Legacy USA is a technology company that is passionate about preserving the voices and messages of peoples’ loved ones while providing comfort for those left behind. For more information, please visit

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