Cobot Intelligence, Inc. Releases a New Study on How TechMan Collaborative Robots Can Help Production Efficiency

As the New Study Notes, Cobots Can Perform a Number of Complex Operations as Well as Assist with Tasks that Require Lower Amounts of Skill

The founders of Cobot Intelligence, Inc. are pleased to announce that they have just released a new study that looks at how their TechMan Collaborative Robots can help companies improve their production efficiency.

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As a spokesperson notes, as a company that specializes in the distribution, servicing and training of Collaborative Robots to a number of clients across Canada and the United States, the team at Cobot Intelligence, Inc. knows how their TechMan Robots (TM Robots) are well-designed to perform a number of tasks.

This knowledge inspired them to create a study that looks at how these TM Robots can allow businesses from a wide range of industries to be more cost effective and efficient.

As the study notes, the synchronized work that Cobots perform along with human employees has led to a huge window of opportunity in the field. For instance, Cobots can perform complex operations like assembly, packaging, sorting, dispensing and other tasks, which will lead to savings in both employee costs and time.

In addition, critical operations are easier to perform with the help of machine aids like Cobots, and there is an improvement of standardization of mechanical and electrical procedures. Finally, the study concluded, low-skilled workers can complete work like vehicle painting, packing and other tasks without a great deal of knowledge or training, thanks to working alongside Cobots. 

As the study noted, over the course of the next 5 years, the Collaborative Robot market will see a revenue compound annual growth rate of 51.4 percent.

“By 2027, the revenue from this sector will be approximately $7.5 Billion with a 29 percent share of the entire industrial robot market,” the study noted.

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Cobot Intelligence Inc. specializes in the distribution, servicing and training of Collaborative Robots to Commercial and Industrial clients in Canada and the United States. Their products such as the TechMan Robot (TM Robot) offer smart-simple-safe solutions to clients with production needs. In addition to their distribution specialist, their factory certified technical team will help train staff and guide them through the implementation process. For more information, please visit

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