Drool Central, a ‘Barkery’ Known for its Salmon Dog Treats and Other Goodies, Holds its Own During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Mum and Pup Barkery, Which is Based in Anchorage, Alaska, Offers Direct to Consumer Sales at the Local Farmers Market as Well as Online

Daisy Nicolas, founder and owner of Drool Central, is pleased to announce that business at her mum and pup “barkery” has remained steady despite the COVID-19 global pandemic. The business shutdowns did not affect her long term, and Nicolas is now back to selling salmon dog treats and other goodies to her two and four-legged customers both in person and through her user-friendly website.

To learn more about the Anchorage, Alaska-based Drool Central, as well as check out Nicolas’ line of products including cod skins for dogs and more, please visit https://droolcentral.com/.

As Nicolas noted, she has enjoyed an increasing stream of devoted customers—both two and four-legged, since she first opened Drool Central in late 2013. Her direct to consumer sales at the farmers market have remained steady, due in part to the loyal local customers who have been very supportive.

To help boost her business further, Nicolas recently added a fresh-frozen meal subscription service that she delivers on a weekly basis to local customers throughout Anchorage. The meals have already garnered repeat customers, she noted.

As the holiday season approaches, Nicolas hopes to reach even more customers through her website; she is currently offering free shipping on orders over $75 and she can ship throughout the United States.

Another reason Drool Central is holding steady during the pandemic, Nicolas said, is her devotion to outstanding customer service. This includes being open and honest about the high-quality ingredients she uses in her salmon dog treats and other canine goodies.

For instance, Drool Central does not use artificial preservatives or substitutions in any of its products. The exclusion of salt, processed sugars, artificial colorings, flavorings or seasonings, corn, soy, wheat and spices is deeply embedded in the company’s philosophy. The proteins are human-grade, so they are of premium quality, Nicolas said, and other ingredients are selected on the basis of her organic philosophy.

“Unlike the big pet food processing companies, my vision is for humans and dogs to go to their neighborhood barkery where they know the owner and they can ask questions,” Nicolas said, adding that this way, her valued customers will know how her products are made, which does not involve being overly processed or coated with synthetic palatibilities and synthetic vitamins and minerals. 

“Here at Drool Central, both humans and four-legged know that protein comes from the food in nature. Therefore, reading the labels has been easy and straightforward because ingredients consist of one to less than a dozen real food ingredients.”

Nicolas also is a big believer in creating friendly and loyal relationships with local Anchorage pet owners. At the local Farmer’s Market, where she has set up shop for about seven years, it is not unusual to see a long line of happily wagging tails waiting for a free sample. 

“The dogs are so thrilled to go to a place where they know what makes them happy and safe. Although I don't have a brick and mortar location, wherever I set up is my barkery,” she said.

About Drool Central:

Drool Central: A Mum and Pup Barkery based in Anchorage, Alaska, has been pleasing the locals, both humans and four-legged, with a wide selection of treats and meals from sustainable wild Alaska salmon and cod, and Alaska Grown produce including farm animal organs and eggs. Drool Central's homemade touch includes resourcing real food without adding artificial ingredients or substitutions. Drool Central was found the later part of 2013 and has been participating in the local farmers markets and local events, as well as selling directly online. For more information, please visit https://droolcentral.com/.

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