Announcing the Launch of the Vmed Health Monitoring Smartphone Case

The Innovative Phone Case Can Accurately Measure the Body’s Vital Statistics, Including Temperature, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure and More

The founders of Vmed are pleased to announce the launch of their new Vmed Health Monitoring Smartphone Case. 

As a spokesperson for Vmed noted, this is the first phone case that is capable of measuring eight body vitals and two body analysis results in one device, including temperature, heart rate, blood oxygen and more.

The Vmed, which is currently available for order on Indiegogo, is compatible with the latest Apple and Android devices. 

The founders understand that because of the COVID-19 pandemic, people need to know their vitals more than ever. They also realize that it is important for people to be able to easily track their blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rate and more.

This knowledge inspired the founders of Vmed to create a user-friendly phone case that will quickly and accurately measure 10 types of important information. This data can then be saved for later review and comparison.

“Vmed can be used on your personal device to assure your own personal health, at public schools to screen for COVID-19, outside of businesses before admitting entry and much more,” the spokesperson noted, adding that most of the stats measured by Vmed are determined using patented technology by placing the middle fingers on the two sensors located on the back of the Vmed phone case. 

“The Vmed app syncs up with the Vmed smartphone case to give you data quickly and efficiently. Our app is a free download and it can also be used to send your body's vital measurements to your doctor for a more accurate assessment of your health history allowing your healthcare provider to better advise and treat you.”

In addition to offering quick and accurate personal data, the Vmed is thin and lightweight and features a long-life battery that can last up to 10 days with normal use. It is currently available in Gunmetal Black, and the founders hope to release additional colors in the future.

About Vmed:

Vmed is the world’s only smartphone case that can accurately measure the body’s vital statistics and report this data in real time. The Vmed will track 10 different measurements and features COVID-19 specific analysis and results to help keep people as safe as possible. The Vmed is currently available for purchase on Indiegogo. 

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