Form 2290 E-Filing for the Year 2020-2021 is Now Available at

Truck Owners Can File This Important Tax Form on the User-Friendly Website, or by Using their Convenient App, an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) authorized Tax Form 2290 E-filing service provider, is pleased to announce that truck owners may now file this important tax form for the year 2020-2021 on the website or app.

For more information about how to pre-file form 2290 on the website or app, please visit

As a company spokesperson noted, there are a number of benefits to pre-filing the IRS Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) Form 2290, which is also commonly known as truck tax. For instance, pre-filing the Form 2290 now means truck owners will have 3 months to save up for any tax payments they may owe.

In addition, instead of feeling stressed filing Form 2290 right at the deadline, truck owners do not have to rush when pre-filing the truck tax form. If the 2290 Form is rejected for some reason, truck owners will have plenty of time to amend the form before the deadline.

Pre-filing will also allow truck owners to cross check their truck tax forms and it will reduce the chance of having to pay late penalties. Also, if the IRS server has glitches later on in the tax year during the peak tax filing dates, truck owners will rest assured that they have already taken care of pre-filing the crucial Tax Form 2290.

“The pre-filing option allows you to E-file the annual Heavy Vehicle Used Tax Form 2290 from June 1st or before the beginning of official tax year—for example, July 1st,” the spokesperson noted, adding that truck owners who use this service will get their Stamped Schedule 1 starting from July 1st.

For people who are using the website or app for the first time, the entire process to pre-file or E-file a form is easy and hassle-free. First, truck owners will create and login to their account for free. Next, they will enter in their vehicle or truck business information, including the VIN and EIN. 

After entering in the gross weight of the vehicle, truck owners will then quickly receive their tax amount. 

“Choose a payment method and submit the completed 2290 Form to the IRS. Once it is accepted by the IRS, the Stamped Schedule 1 copy will arrive via email,” the spokesperson noted.


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