Announcing the Upcoming Launch of Home Therapy Time, LLC, a Program that will Empower Parents to Provide In-Home Therapy

Home Therapy Time, LLC is Currently the Focus of a Crowdfunding Campaign on Kickstarter

Dr. Anita Harlow, a public school speech therapist and educator, is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of Home Therapy Time, LLC, an online program that is designed to empower parents to provide in-home therapy for their children.

To watch a short video about Home Therapy Time and learn more about the crowdfunding campaign that is currently underway on Kickstarter, please visit  

As Dr. Harlow noted, research has found that parents are more than capable of providing therapy to their child. In many cases, this therapy is not only effective, but in some instances it is even better than what is provided by a therapist.

This knowledge inspired her to create and develop Home Therapy Time, LLC, which is an online program that will help parents provide therapy to their kids at home.

“As a speech therapist, I have seen the challenges families face with providing therapy to their developmentally delayed child,” Dr. Harlow said, adding that cost, time, and finding a qualified therapist are difficulties parents encounter.

“It was my vision that Home Therapy Time will meet the needs of parents whose child needs speech therapy, occupational therapy, behavior therapy, social skills therapy, or reading therapy. Within this vision parents will save money; see faster improvement; use the program in the convenience of their home; reduce overall healthcare expenses; and enjoy providing therapy to their child.”

There will be a number of additional benefits to Home Therapy Time, Dr. Harlow noted. For example, the home-based and parent-led therapy will lead to improved outcomes and will maximize early intervention for the child.

The Home Therapy Time, LLC program was first pilot-tested with adult users in the summer of 2016 and a second pilot-test with adolescent users in 2017. Now, Dr. Harlow is ready to launch the effective program. 

To help pay for the many costs that are associated with bringing Home Therapy Time, LLC to the public, Dr. Harlow recently launched a campaign on Kickstarter. There, she hopes to raise $100,000 through crowdfunding. 

About Home Therapy Time, LLC:

Home Therapy Time is an online program designed to support and empower parents to provide parent-led therapy at home. The program creates a simple to follow therapy plan and even provides text and email reminders about upcoming home sessions. For more information, please visit  

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