Announcing the Upcoming Launch of Camera Caper, the Photo Challenge Game

Thanks to Camera Caper, Long Road Trips Will Be More Enjoyable and Less Stressful

Dan M. Lee, a photographer, and Adam Juniper, a producer, are pleased to announce the upcoming launch of their new photo challenge game, Camera Caper.

As Lee noted, road trips should be fun and stress-free, not boring and predictable. In addition, as a photographer, he is always looking for opportunities to hone his skills.

This knowledge inspired Lee and Juniper to create Camera Caper, a card game that will help photographers on road trips have a more creative and enjoyable journey. In addition to professional and amateur photographers, Camera Caper is an ideal game for families, hobbyists and people who simply want to go on a more amazing adventure.

The game, which is currently the focus of a fundraiser on Kickstarter, actually started as a way for Lee to “scratch a creative itch” and challenge himself and his friends to get out and about when the pandemic began. 

Over time, the game morphed into its current format, which will be available as a Box Set or Challenge Cards pack.

Playing Camera Caper is easy and fun, Juniper said. Players will take a “move” card which will determine how far, or where the player can travel to next. Then, the player will take a card from the “challenge” deck, complete the challenge and earn the points on the card. 

The final step involves sharing the photos that the player has taken, either on social media or with the hashtag #cameracaper.

“The box set will challenge players’ photography skills while leaving the travel to lady luck,” Lee said, adding that the rules are straightforward and set up to ensure players are well guided on the challenge.

In addition to the upcoming launch of Camera Caper, Lee’s and Juniper’s own road trip journey will soon be the focus of an upcoming TV show, and the two also have a book in the works. They also hope to eventually offer a community building companion app for the game.

About Camera Caper:

The Great American Road Trip should be fun, stress-free and, above all, unique. That’s why Dan M. Lee, photographer, and Adam Juniper, producer, turned their journey into the Camera Caper, a road trip game that lets Lady Luck win all the arguments while helping people to hone their photography skills while traveling around the country.

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