Quick-Clean Laundry Centre Offers COVID-19 Safe Wash and Fold Pickup and Delivery Services

Quick-Clean Laundry Centre Follows Strict Guidelines for the Handling and Washing of their Valued Customers’ Laundry

The founder of Quick-Clean Laundry Centre is pleased to announce that he and his team are offering COVID-19 safe wash and fold and delivery services to the citizens of Leslieville and the surrounding areas.

To learn more about Quick-Clean Laundry Centre and the services that they offer, which include both residential and commercial options, please check out https://quickcleanlaundry.ca.

As a company spokesperson noted, the founder of Quick-Clean Laundry Centre realizes that many people are understandably concerned about COVID-19 and are looking to work only with companies that follow the strictest safety guidelines. 

With this in mind, the founder would like to reassure all of his valued customers that he and his team are following very stringent rules regarding the washing and handling of their clothing and other laundry. This commitment to safety is part of Quick-Clean Laundry Centre’s mission, which is to provide the best customer service possible, including maintaining a very clean atmosphere.

“Your product is our top priority. Right through our manufacturing process, each of our client’s laundry is separated, examined for stains and tears, washed, dried, pressed, folded and packaged independently,” the spokesperson noted, adding that customers may also let the friendly team at Quick-Clean Laundry Centre know their specific wash preferences.

The founder also understands that the global pandemic has made many households busier than ever. From trying to work from home to helping kids with their online schooling, many people are finding that they do not have the time they need to stay on top of their household chores, including laundry.

To make getting laundry washed and folded as easy as possible, Quick-Clean Laundry Centre offers residential pickup and delivery services throughout Toronto and the surrounding areas, starting at $1.95 a pound. The pickup and delivery fee is just $7, and people may call in their order or place it online.

About Quick-Clean Laundry Centre:

Since they were founded in 1972, Quick-Clean Laundry Centre has been a family owned and operated business. Currently in its 3rd generation of operation, their goal has always been to provide the best customer service possible. Backed by their tradition of quality service, Quick-Clean Laundry Centre is proud to continue to serve the people of Leslieville and surrounding areas. For more information, please visit https://quickcleanlaundry.ca/. 

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