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The Updated Article Includes Plenty of Useful Tips to Help Drivers in the Empire State Save Money on their New York Auto Insurance Premiums

As the founders of know quite well, the prices for New York auto insurance tend to be sky high. In fact, New York is one of the most expensive states in the country for car insurance, due in part to the large population and vehicle theft and crash rates.

To help drives from New York to save as much of their hard-earned money as possible, the founders of New York Motor Insurance recently updated their “Tips to Lower Your New York Auto Insurance Costs” page on the website. 

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As the article notes, while auto insurance premiums do tend to be higher in New York, paying through the nose for insurance does not have to be inevitable. The first tip, the article suggests, is to buy a new or safer vehicle. Because insurers typically charge customers higher rates on older cars or if they are deemed to be less safe than other vehicles on the road, if drivers can invest in a newer car, it will be a great way to save on premiums and stay safer while driving.

The second tip is to maintain a safe driving record.

“Insurance companies love to provide discounts to those that cost them very little throughout the year and drivers that aren’t getting in accidents or driving recklessly usually see the highest savings,” the article notes, adding that for most drivers, it usually only takes a single accident or major infraction like a DUI to see these savings wiped out.

“So driving with as much care as possible every time you get behind the wheel is recommended.”

Another helpful tip that is included in the updated article involves checking insurance costs for a specific city or borough prior to moving; by doing this, it may be possible to save on car insurance while still living in a desirable area around New York.

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