Women Money Myths are the Subject of a New eBook From The Humphreys Group

The eBook, “Rewriting the Rules: Telling Truths about Women and Money,” is Now Available at No Charge

The Humphreys Group is pleased to announce the release of a free new eBook titled “Rewriting the Rules: Telling Truths about Women and Money.” The book addresses a number of important topics including women money myths, financial planning, wealth management and more.

To download a free copy of the eBook, please visit http://humphreysgroup.com/women-money-myths/. 

The financial services industry is experiencing a wake-up call of sorts in regards to women and money. Because most financial institutions were created by and for men, the current “norm” does not reflect or represent the strengths or preferences of women.

The Humphreys Group is acutely aware of a number of unfair and untrue myths that surround women and money—these include things like “men are better investors than women” and “women lack confidence when it comes to money.” Instead, The Humphreys Group is talking about women and money in an unapologetic and unabashed way.

Writing and releasing this eBook has an inspired purpose to addresses the challenges women face, encourages them to venture outside their comfort zone, and empowers them to recognize the strengths they already possess, in finance and beyond.

To get started with the Humphreys Group, women may visit the website at any time; there, they may also enroll in a Conversation Circle to discuss financial topics in depth with other women. 

“At The Humphreys Group, it’s no secret we applaud and encourage the many ways in which today’s women are breaking through gender stereotypes. Since our firm’s founding, we have championed women as they’ve scaled the learning curve of personal finance and investing,” the spokesperson noted, adding that in the new book, authors Diane Bourdo and Hallie Kraus dive deep into decades of research and data around women and wealth, money and personal finance to distinguish myths from reality.

“In each of the myths we explore throughout the book, we make observations and provide some recommendations. For example, What if we put it all together? And What would it look like to invest like a woman?”

About The Humphreys Group:

The Humphreys Group is a women-owned and -operated wealth management firm in San Francisco. They provide comprehensive financial planning and investment management, with a focus on the unique needs, aspirations and strengths of women. They believe that wealth management is best delivered with equal doses of expertise (the technical number crunching), and empathy (emotional intelligence) - always being guided by what matters most to their clients. For more information, please visit http://humphreysgroup.com. 

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