Lisa Fei is Named as the Newest Co-Author of the Upcoming Book ‘The Pyramid of Trust’

Fei, Who is the Founder and CEO of the Clarity App, Joins Co-Authors Imran Tariq, Aimee Tariq and Tyler Wagner

Lisa Fei, the Founder and CEO of the Clarity app, is pleased to announce that she is the newest and final co-author of  the book “The Pyramid of Trust.”

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As Lisa Fei – coauthor for Pyramid of Trust noted, she will join Imran Tariq, Aimee Tariq, and Tyler Wagner, collaborating with them to create the book. 

The upcoming book will focus on what the authors call “The Hierarchy of Trust,” and will offer helpful advice and information on how people can be more trustworthy to others.

After reading the book, Imran Tariq said that even people who are typically untrustworthy can become much more reliable, ethical and dependable—all in less than 12 months.

“The Pyramid of Trust” will also include helpful tips on how people can establish trust in all areas of their lives. In turn, this will allow them to create a greater sense of certainty in a world that often seems unsettled.

Aimee Tariq, who is a Wall Street Journal best-selling author, said that Fei is an ideal addition to the team of co-authors.

“Lisa is adding value to the book by showing people how to build and restore trust in our personal lives,” Aimee said, adding that she, her husband Imran Tariq, Fei and Wagner are looking forward to finishing and publishing the new book.

Through her work with the Clarity app, Fei is devoted to helping people have a safe place to discuss a number of topics, many of which can be difficult to talk about with even their closest family or friends. Along the way, people may find genuine and true love with others through the app.

Once the book is completed, the four co-authors will publish it with the assistance of Wagner’s company, Authors Unite.

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Lisa Fei, the Founder and CEO of the Clarity app, created Clarity on the notion that sharing is healing. People who use the Clarity app may be anonymous or use their real name; there, they can confide in a judgment-free zone while making meaningful connections with other people. For more information, please visit

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