GEICO is Named The Best Auto Insurance Company for College Students in New York, Says Just Released an Article that Looks at the Top 5 Car Insurance Companies for Students in The Big Apple

The founders of, an auto insurance quote provider, are pleased to announce that they have just released a new article that is designed to save college students in New York some serious money on their car insurance.

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As a company spokesperson noted, the founders of the New York-based company know quite well how expensive it can be to live in The Big Apple. This is especially true for college students, who have to pay for tuition, books, rent, supplies and more. To help hard-working students save money on their car insurance, the founders of New York Motor Insurance researched a number of companies to see which ones offer the best rates.

After spending hours on their in-depth research, the founders concluded that GEICO offers the cheapest auto premium for students in New York.

“GEICO’s annual premium for students can cost as little as $651 per year,” the article noted, adding that in order to get a low auto insurance rate, GEICO does need to examine several factors, including  the student’s age, where he or she lives, and any group affiliations.

“What’s great about GEICO is that they also offer discounts to members of college-centered organizations. This means if you’re a member of an alumni association, sorority, fraternity, or other college organizations, you’d be able to avail a student discount from GEICO.”

Coming in second place is State Farm. As the article noted, the company offers one of the easiest ways for college students to save as much as 15 percent off their auto insurance premiums. Once students finish the company’s Steer Clear Safe Driver Program, an online course they can take at home or in their dorm or apartment, students will receive the generous discount.

“State Farm also has another discount program called the Good Student Discount. For this discount program, students can get up to 25 percent off their auto insurance rate by meeting specific minimum grade requirements while they’re in college,” the article noted.

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