Tech Company Savvy Pledges to Donate Thousands of Dollars to Charities

For every 5,000 downloads of their money saving app – Savvy will donate up to $5,000 to various charities that users decide.

The founder of the tech company Savvy, is pleased to announce that they have officially decided to pledge thousands of dollars to worthy charities. For every 5,000 downloads of Savvy’s new plugin, the company will donate up to $5,000.

To learn more about Savvy and how their new, easy and most importantly, free money-saving browser app will work, please visit:

During an interview about Savvy's future, the founder noted, "After living with my grandmother and assisting with her care, I quickly realized how much saving money on everyday purchases could truly stretch a dollar in your day to day life." 

Savvy realizes that online shopping is incredibly convenient and popular, and that many people would rather shop for new clothes, electronics, and other items from the comfort of their couch rather than venturing out to a crowded shopping mall.

The founder of Savvy also understands that everyone’s time and money are valuable, and that online shoppers do not always have the time to scour the internet looking for coupon codes and deals just to find one that might work.

This knowledge, along with the founder's care for his grandmother, were the inspiration that led to Savvy's creation and the launch of their money saving plugin. 

Savvy's plugin has been designed to search and gather the best discounts currently available to ensure that online shoppers are always getting the best price. A spokesperson noted, “If there aren't any discount codes available for a customer's order, Savvy will reward the online shopper with cash back, when allowed by the retailer.”

Using the Savvy plugin couldn't be easier. With just one click, people can install Savvy to their browser. The next time they are shopping online, Savvy will scour the internet for all coupon codes and offers that are currently available for the retailer that the customer is shopping. When the shopper reaches checkout, Savvy will apply the best coupon code for the product(s) in their cart.

In addition to their money saving plugin, Savvy also strives to be a trustworthy source of savings information. Offering their best advice, insights, and how-to guides – all in hopes of helping shoppers save more money.

“Joining Savvy and downloading our plugin are both free,” the spokesperson noted, adding that in addition to helping people save money at checkout, they also offer opportunities to win exciting prizes and earn “Savvy Cash,” which can be redeemed for actual cash back.

“With thousands of coupons, deals, and cash back offers available to you, it's ridiculously easy for you to start saving at all your favorite stores.” Downloading Savvy will always remain free and the founder believes that charging their users would go against the core principles of Savvy – which is to provide value and help everyone save money.

As a company spokesperson noted, Savvy's ultimate goal is to donate at least $100,000 to charities within the next year and, “To help make this goal a reality sooner, Savvy is developing technology that will help administer a portion of every user's purchases to the charities of their choice.”

About Savvy:

Savvy is a tech company that has created a money saving plugin that will save shoppers money, every time they shop online. When downloaded, Savvy will automatically apply the best coupon code at checkout. This new browser extension can save online shoppers a significant amount of cash. For more information, please visit 


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