Vmed, the World’s Only Smartphone Case that Measures the Body’s Vital Statistics, to Be Launched

Vmed Can Take a Person’s Temperature As Well As Measure the Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen Level and More

The founders of Vmedical are pleased to announce the upcoming launch of Vmed, the first smartphone case that is designed to accurately measure 10 body measurements plus enhanced vitals.

To learn more about Vmed and how it works, please visit https://www.vmedical.com/.

As a company spokesperson noted, the Vmed health monitoring smartphone case will measure the following eight essential body statistics: temperature, heart rate, HR variability, blood oxygen, electro cardio gram, blood pressure, breathing rate and BR variability. It will also measure two overall body analysis results: stress and fatigue.

The Vmed, which is currently the focus of a fundraiser on Indiegogo, is compatible with the latest Apple and Android devices. It will also provide data in real time; this information can then be saved to be reviewed and compared later on.

As a bonus, the Vmed is completely non-invasive, so people who are typically hesitant about monitoring these important body measurements may be more likely to keep tabs on their health. No blood or saliva is ever required, and its thin lightweight design means the smartphone will not be bulky or heavy to carry and use.

“In addition, our new Vmed app will sync up with the Vmed smartphone case to give you data quickly and efficiently,” the spokesperson noted, adding that the app is a free download, and it can also be used to send the user’s vital measurements to his or her doctor for a more accurate assessment of the person’s health history.

Vmed can also be used virtually anywhere and is designed to offer COVID-19 specific analysis. For example, in addition to monitoring the user’s own health, it can also screen people outside of businesses and schools prior to letting them enter.

Physicians who have tested the Vmed smartphone case have been impressed with its ability to correctly measure the 10 total statistics and body analysis results. 

As Dr. N. Brad Adams, a physician who is triple board certified in oncology, hematology and internal medicine noted, he is impressed with the accuracy of the Vmed measurements.

“It seems to be as accurate as any standard competitive device that we have here at our offices,” Dr. Adams said.

About Vmed:

Vmed is the world’s only smartphone case that can accurately measure the body’s vital statistics and report this data in real time. The Vmed will track 10 different measurements and features COVID-19 specific analysis and results to help keep people as safe as possible. For more information, please visit https://www.vmedical.com/.

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