Nimrod Santo, a Business Developer, Direct-Response Marketer and Online Entrepreneur, Launches His New Website

On the Site, Santo Will Share His Marketing Experience, Educational Blogs and Updates on His Travel and Surfing Adventures

Nimrod Santo, a business developer, direct-response marketer and online entrepreneur, is pleased to announce the launch of his new website,

To check out the new site and learn more about Santo and his work, please visit

As Santo noted, he has always been passionate about sharing his extensive marketing experience with others. He truly enjoys providing tips and insights to aspiring business owners who are looking to learn more about key topics like blogging, branding, social media and mobile and content marketing.

This inspired Santo to launch his new website and share his knowledge with others through educational and in-depth blogs. He is also looking forward to posting his travel and surfing adventures on the site. 

Even though was launched just recently, it is already getting a lot of positive attention from visitors to the site. For instance, a new blog titled “Instagram Influencers: Top Reasons Why Big Brands Love Working with Influencers” is creating quite a buzz with people who want to learn more about this innovative approach to marketing.

“While influencers are a new subset of the marketing realm, they’ve truly set the bar higher than it’s ever been before when it comes to client partnerships,” Santo wrote, adding that one reason brands love to work with influencers is that they help consumers to figuratively “see” themselves in ads.

“When you’re collaborating with an influencer, you’re putting your brand in the hands of someone who can utilize that product in a way that is more realistic to the consumer. For example, if a model with an unrealistic body type is wearing a dress, a consumer could easily decide that it wouldn’t look good on them.”

As Santo explained, if consumers see someone that looks similar to them wearing it on a date, that product becomes more desirable through relatability.

Another reason using influencers as part of a marketing program is so effective, Santo wrote, is because they are highly respected by their online audiences and often inspire them in a number of ways, including what books to read, where to travel and what to buy.

“By partnering with an influencer, you’re putting your product in front of an audience’s eyes that have already been targeted by that individual and making it a more effective collaboration,” Santo wrote.

About Nimrod Santo:

Nimrod Santo is a business developer, direct-response marketer and online entrepreneur. He is passionate about sharing his extensive marketing experience to aspiring businesses owners. For more information, please check out his new and official website at 

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