Dr. Bill Cole Announces the Launch of The Cellular Health Accelerator Program

Dr. Cole is the Founder of the Largest Functional Medicine Coaching Group of its Kind

Dr. Bill Cole, the founder of a successful Functional Medicine Business, is pleased to announce the launch of The Cellular Health Accelerator Program.

To learn more about the program and how it can help people to boost their cellular energy, please visit https://drbillcole.com/.

As Dr. Cole explained, the entire body is made entirely of cells. These extremely tiny cells are the building blocks of everything in the human body, and they are where every human function takes place.

Since life and health begins and is maintained at the cellular level—and because all symptoms and diseases can be traced back to the cells in the body—Dr. Cole knows that it is paramount to keep the cells as healthy and energetic as possible.

“The mitochondria inside of every cell of your body takes the food you consume and turns it into energy so that the cells of the body can perform their various functions like, produce hormones or grow hair,” Dr. Cole said, adding that the process of aging has traditionally been misunderstood, as has genetics.

Dr. Cole understands that recent research is clearly showing that what people used to think was “normal aging” is actually very abnormal caused by cumulative cellular damage that is causing premature aging and there are a number of environmental and lifestyle factors that will cause this cellular damage and inflammation. From stress and poor sleep to an unhealthy diet and environmental toxins, all of these issues can lead to problems at the cellular level.

This knowledge inspired him to create and launch The Cellular Health Accelerator Program. The 5-step plan is designed to help people increase their cellular energy so that they can get through their days feeling healthy and strong, and also so that people have the energy they need to activate their own natural healing processes. 

“I’m going to pull back the curtain and show you all of the things your doctor doesn’t tell you about the health of your cells and how I learned this the hard way, plus I’m going to share with you what you can do about it,” Dr. Cole said.

Dr. Cole is humbled by the number of people who have already posted positive reviews about his program to his website. 

For example, Sherri Dennis said when she began Dr. Cole’s program, she had a number of health issues including hypothyroidism, Epstein Barr virus, leaky gut, and many others.

“My leaky gut, candida, hypothyroidism and EBV symptoms are now gone, and I have energy, no fatigue, and no gut discomfort,” she wrote, adding that she could not be more happy, relieved and grateful. 

Shari Morgan also wrote in her review that her energy levels are through the roof and that she has lost 33 pounds.

“This program is incredible because it improves your whole body,” she said, adding that she has tried numerous other diets, essential oils and supplements in the past.

About Dr. Cole:

Dr. Bill Cole, Founder of the Largest Functional Medicine Group of its kind, has created The Cellular Health Accelerator Program that helps people to be well, age well, and feel well. He has already helped to transform the lives of thousands and has spoken on stages across the nation. To learn more about his transformation program, please visit https://drbillcole.com/.

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