Chase Sapphire Named Best Credit Card for Rental Car Insurance Coverage, Says 4AutoInsuranceQuote

4AutoInsuranceQuote Has Just Released a New Article that Takes an In-Depth Look at the Best Credit Cards for Rental Car Insurance

The founders of 4AutoInsuranceQuote, one of the country’s leading auto insurance quote providers, are pleased to announce that they have just posted an in-depth article that discusses the best credit cards for rental car insurance. 

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As a company spokesperson noted, many credit cards include rental car insurance as a feature. These cards will provide drivers with comprehensive coverage while they are renting a car, which will allow them to avoid paying for the expensive insurance that the rental car company offers. In most cases, the driver’s personal auto insurance policy will cover any damage in the event the rental car is in an accident, and the credit card rental insurance will kick in once the car insurance coverage limits are reached.

Of course, like many things in life, credit cards are not created equally. This inspired the founders of 4AutoInsuranceQuote to research the different credit cards that come with rental car insurance, and discuss which ones are the best.

After conducting thorough amounts of research on a wide variety of credit cards, the founders of 4AutoInsuranceQuote have named Chase Sapphire Preferred and Chase Sapphire Reserve as the top two credit cards for rental car insurance coverage.

“Chase Sapphire Preferred credit cards have some of the best rental car insurance available in the United States,” the article notes, adding that the biggest advantage is that Chase Sapphire Preferred and Reserve cards offer primary rental car insurance coverage. 

“The second advantage is that there are no country restrictions with any Chase cards.”

The same is true for the Chase Sapphire Reserve card, the article notes; it includes all of the advantages as the Chase Sapphire Preferred card.

Other credit cards that received favorable reviews in the new article include United MileagePlus Explorer and United MileagePlus Club, along with the Ritz-Carlton Visa Infinite Card. In general, the article notes, Visa tends to offer the best rental car insurance coverage for their card holders.

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