PayCertify and Konnektive CRM Team Up to Offer Streamlined Approval Process for E-Commerce Merchants

Thanks to the New Partnership, PayCertify will Become the Processing and Payments Partner of the Konnektive CRM

The founders of PayCertify and Konnektive CRM are excited to announce a new partnership that will help to streamline the approval process for e-commerce merchants.

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As a spokesperson for PayCertify noted, CEO Chase Harmer is very excited to be a part of the cutting-edge new platform that has his company becoming the processing and payment partner of Konnektive CRM.

Konnektive, which began solely as a customer relationship management tool, will be expanding their offerings to include a variety of new features to give the company more vertical integration, the spokesperson noted. This will include a traffic marketplace where publishers can buy and sell traffic, access tools and resources to create website funnels and ecommerce sites, take advantage of improved tracking and enjoy a redesigned back end portal. 

“PayCertify will be completing the vertical integration by filling the gap on the payments engine side of the backend,” Harmer noted, adding that the company will also offer an unmatched opportunity for merchants in the CBD space. 

“PayCertify will now offer faster and more streamlined approvals of any merchant that applies through Konnektive, including merchants looking to be approved to sell CBD, which up to lately has been difficult, if not impossible to do.”  PayCertify made headlines earlier this year when they announced they were the first company in the payment processing space who had been approved to process credit card payments for the CBD and industrial hemp industry.

Thanks to this new collaboration, applicants that join Konnektive looking to use their platform to offer ecommerce and CBD products will have a high likelihood of having their processing quickly approved by PayCertify, the spokesperson noted. In addition, PayCertify now offers a fully proprietary and easy to use Application Engine that has streamlined approval and integration times from hours or days, to minutes. 

“PayCertify has always been a company that puts merchants first. We listened to what merchants wanted and one of the most important factors to merchants when deciding which company to process payments with, was ease of integration,” Harmer said.

“Thanks to our new Application Engine, it has never been easier to apply, integrate and start processing with PayCertify.” 

In addition, one of Konnektive’s new features will be called FunnelKonnekt. Thanks to the new cooperative agreement between the companies, PayCertify is proud to announce they will be providing and managing the approval engine for all merchants who plan to process credit cards for their business through FunnelKonnekt.  This special collaboration will allow any merchant who applies through Konnektive to be auto approved for an account to start processing credit cards, the spokesperson said.

The program is robust, and Harmer has stated that his company’s technology will give merchants on FunnelKonnekt the ability to access and process through eight or more different banks, each with unique criteria to help ensure that merchants using this platform can get the maximum amount of transactions approved. Because of the advanced technology PayCertify has developed, the entire process all happens within an instant. 

“Based on the type of merchant applications that are predicted to come through the FunnelKonnekt platform, we estimate that a substantial amount of applicants should qualify to be approved instantly,” the spokesperson noted.

“That even includes new merchants with less established histories, merchants sending out sample packs, subscription merchants, even CBD merchants specializing in trials and straight sale models, are all likely to be approved and onboarded faster and more streamlined that ever before.”

The partnership between Konnektive and PayCertify will be live November 1st, just in time for merchants to take advantage of holiday sales trends.

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PayCertify helps merchants to process "card not present" transactions. They are known worldwide for their outstanding services and solutions for ecommerce merchants, travel merchants, high risk merchant processing, and retail merchants. PayCertify’s CEO Chase Harmer has been seen on Yahoo Finance, CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX News, Nasdaq and Forbes.  For more information, please visit 

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