Nicole Cherie Barker, CEO of Wonder Women Client Attraction, Launches Program that Teaches How to Attract Unicorn Clients

In Her New Program, Barker will Teach Women How to Effectively Use Social Media Strategies to Land the Best Possible Clients

Nicole Cherie Barker, CEO of Wonder Women Client Attraction, is pleased to announce a new program that focuses on attracting what she calls “unicorn clients” with ease.

To learn more about the upcoming program, please join Barker’s free Facebook group, Client Attraction Secrets for Wonder Women at 

As Barker noted, she knows firsthand how many hard-working women are using cold calls and other outreach approaches to try to get new clients. Through her work, she has also seen how this tactic can be frustrating and ineffective. 

On the flip side, Barker has also helped service professionals to use the power of social media strategies to optimize their business and attract more high-quality clients.

In order to help as many women as possible to attract as many unicorn clients as they can—all without struggling through cold outreach calls and emails, Barker was inspired to create and launch a new program that focuses on these effective social media strategies.

“I’m on a mission to help Wonder Coaches to actually enjoy their empires without endless launches by helping them to develop superpower systems,” Barker said, adding that as a Client Attraction Wonder Woman, she is devoted to helping other women find those unicorn clients that are easy to work with, loyal and are ideal in virtually every way.

“My new group is all about vibe and I’m encouraging all women who attend to bring their true selves with them, so they can create reciprocal energy and attract their true believers.”

Barker said she is excited about the launch of her new program and helping other Wonder Women to get the outstanding clients that they deserve.

“I am truly looking forward to inspiring other women to pitch with passion and learn how to promote from a place of authenticity, as well as support the wonderful and abundant energy that this program will bring. I feel that all women can be Wonder Women and I’m am thrilled to have them be part of the Wonder World.”

About Nicole Cherie Barker:

Nicole Cherie Barker, CEO of Wonder Women Client Attraction who has been featured on Good Morning Italia and Good Morning Sacramento, has helped thousands of women attract their unicorn clients with ease without cold outreach. Learn her client attraction secrets by joining her free group, Client Attraction Secrets for Wonder Women here:

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