Internet Entrepreneur Dante D’Ovidio Releases New 2019 Marketing Predictions Video on YouTube

D’Ovidio, Who Has Been Nicknamed “Ad Prophet” By His Fans, Offers His Top Five Predictions for Marketing Trends this Year

Dante D’Ovidio, an internet entrepreneur who has been dubbed the “Ad Prophet” by his many enthusiastic fans, is playing into the title by releasing a new video on YouTube that includes his top 5 marketing predictions for 2019.

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As a spokesperson for D’Ovidio noted, he is well known for his public speaking engagements about advertising, marketing and lead generation. Recently, he traveled from Puerto Rico, where he is currently living, back to his native Las Vegas to film a YouTube video that focuses on his marketing predictions for 2019.

As D’Ovidio noted at the beginning of the video, although there was no monetary benefit to sharing his thoughts on YouTube, he wanted to disclose what he calls the “real knowledge” about marketing, and what he feels are the five most effective approaches.

While he acknowledged that some “secretive underground experts” will not like it that he made the video, D’Ovidio said he really wanted to provide a sneak peek into what he feels is especially important in marketing in 2019. 

Thanking the universe for bringing his audience to YouTube, and suggesting that viewers imprint his words on their brains—should he have to pull the video at any time—D’Ovidio started out with his first prediction: the fact that traditional, hard selling techniques are dead.

While he admits that older generations may still go for the traditional “buy this for $10 and get a free one, and another free one” approach, the better option for younger shoppers uses native advertising. Describing it as a million times better than hard selling, D’Ovidio explained that this approach creates ads that are native to each user.

For example, if someone is on Instagram, he or she may see posts that look like regular Instagram posts but are actually ads, D’Ovidio noted, adding that companies can use native advertising on blog posts as well as news sites, and that there is a variety of ways to make it not look like an ad.

D’Ovidio presents four other predictions in the interesting video; he strongly urges those who are interested in learning more about the topic of online advertising to check out the video as soon as possible.

About Dante D’Ovidio:

Dante D’Ovidio is an internet marketing expert who is originally from Las Vegas, Nevada. Currently living in Puerto Rico, he has a secret Facebook group and is known by his fans as the “Ad Prophet.” To watch his controversial video before it could possibly be taken down, visit 

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