Zen Body Now Has Over 41,000 Followers on Instagram and Over 100,000 Followers on TikTok

Zen Body is an Eco-Friendly Shower Head that Filters Bacteria and Chlorine Out of the Water

Jose Garcia, CEO of Zen Body, is pleased to announce that his company has reached two impressive milestones: over 41,000 followers on Instagram and over 100,000 followers on TikTok.

To learn more about Zen Body, which is an eco-friendly shower head, please visit https://zenbodys.com/.

As Garcia noted, he knows how important social media can be to spread the word about a company or product. After creating pages on Instagram and TikTok and posting a number of photos and videos about the eco-friendly shower head, he was pleasantly surprised at how quickly people began to follow his company.

“Our hashtag #Zenbodys on TikTok has over 37 million views. It is incredible to see how viral my company and product have become and how a number of influencers and regular people are posting how much they love my shower head,” Garcia said.

One reason that the Zen Body shower head is creating such a positive buzz with people on social media is because of the way it performs: the innovative shower head causes up to a 200 percent increase in water pressure and it will filter chlorine and bacteria out of the water, which Garcia said can cause a noticeable improvement in the health of skin and hair. As a bonus, the Zen Body shower head helps to save up to 30 percent of water usage.

Zen Body’s ability to purify water lies in the small maifan stones which are incorporated into the shower head.

“These stones help purify the water, removes heavy metals, lead, fluoride, chlorine, chemicals and harmful bacteria,” Garcia said. adding that maifan stones have been traditionally used over the decades to treat skin diseases.

The shower head also offers three shower modes, which allows for a spa-like shower experience from home.

Garcia is also pleased by the number of positive reviews that customers have posted to the Zen Body website. 

“I found my new forever shower head, I love it. I love the pressure and water dispersal,” one reviewer noted, adding that she rates it a 10 out of 10.

About Zen Body:

Zen Body is an eco-friendly shower head that helps filter the chlorine and bacteria out of the water, helps improve hair and skin health, and saves people money on their water bill. For more information, please visit https://zenbodys.com/. 

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