Announcing the Launch of Produs(TM) Global Growth Network, a Business Innovation Solution

Produs Global Growth Network (PGN) will Connect High Added Value Producers and Buyers to Help Organisations to Develop Faster

The founders of Produs(TM) Global Growth Network (PGN) are pleased to announce the launch of their proprietary business innovation technology.

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As a company spokesperson noted, the founders understand that while many business owners may have an innovative solution, finding clients to purchase the product or service can be challenging. 

In addition, attempting to get into global markets using their own resources can be both risky and costly for business owners, and it can also be very time-consuming.

This knowledge inspired the founders to create and launch PGN and provide business advisors with a commission-based model and way to connect with buyers in a risk-free way. In turn, this will result in the faster development of the SME innovation organisations and assist with boosting the number of outsourced sales.

“PGN Advisors are professionals in remote markets who know the local culture and how to do business there,” the spokesperson noted, adding that thanks to the Produs methodology, which is based on innovative solution sales and has been proven through 80-plus international products, business owners will have an effective way to get into markets with a low starting investment.

PGN is not only an outstanding platform for new businesses that are selling innovative solutions and need help getting the word out about their company; it is also ideal for independent consultants, as well as established businesses. 

“What if you were able to find only vetted solution providers that have successfully deployed them in similar organisations and with managers that face similar challenges like you? This is what PGN wants to provide to you,” the spokesperson noted.

About Produs Global Growth Network (PGN):

PGN is a platform that connects innovative technology with potential business buyers. It provides match-making, testimonials, ratings and a network of local consultants to assist with deals. Selling and marketing complex, innovative solutions is generally a very difficult task. Most of the time, it is difficult to present them to the right people in the right moment in the correct way, causing huge losses. PGN brings the trusted solutions from the most innovative SMEs to companies that need them. For more information, please visit 


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