Grant Lawson, the Lead InventureX Crowdfunding Strategist, is Featured in New Interview on

Lawson Answered a Variety of Questions During the Interview, Including What Helps to Make Him as Effective as Possible while at Work

Grant Lawson, the lead InventureX Crowdfunding Strategist, is pleased to announce that he was recently featured in an interview on Wealth Noob provides its readers with information about wealth building and investing.

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When asked about a person or business organization that he admires and how they have impacted his style and approach to success at InventureX, Lawson said he tends to appreciate “idea people,” because they have the ability to envision tomorrow’s world today. 

“I incorporate this strategy when working with prospective clients at InventureX,” he said, adding that if he has a great marketing idea during one of his creative brainstorming sessions, he  shares it with every entrepreneur he feels it may benefit. 

“Likewise, staying well-read helps me keep up with the latest industry trends.”

Speaking of being well-read, the interviewer also asked Lawson to name a favorite book that he has read more than once. Lawson replied with the titles of not one but two books: “Crushing It” by Gary Vaynerchuk and “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz. Both are marketing books with an emphasis on maintaining the right frame of mind, Lawson noted.

As for what helps him to be as effective as possible at work and happy when leading the other people on his team, Lawson said he feels that groups work best in a collaborative environment without a clear “leader.”

“I love using the IdeaScale platform because it allows individuals to share any ideas they have without regard for its immediate reception in a room full of people,” Lawson said. In addition, because he feels that having effective communication skills is imperative in this modern world, Lawson has been involved with the Toastmasters group for a number of years, in order to help hone his public speaking skills.

When asked about challenges at work, Lawson said that because the purpose of InventureX is to help entrepreneurs get their product ideas up and running, he sometimes has to gently advise people that his company cannot help them.

“Unfortunately, not every idea we hear is a good one, nor is every good idea a fit for our service,” he said.

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