Announcing the Launch of the Virtual KnockOut(TM) Interactive Shadow Boxing Game

Virtual KnockOut Can Be Cast Onto a Television and Played Live with the Game’s Exclusive Bluetooth Motion Controllers

The founders of Virtual KnockOut(TM), an interactive shadow boxing game, are pleased to announce the launch of their fun game that will also burn calories.

As a spokesperson noted, Virtual KnockOut is a mobile shadow boxing game that can be cast onto a television and played live with the game’s exclusive Bluetooth motion controllers. People can download and play the game through the App Store and Google Play.

Virtual KnockOut is the brainchild of Pete Gustin, who has a lot of experience bringing other fitness products to the market. Along with the help of his two young adult children Cole and Cameron, Pete was able to put their skills to the test and come up with a game that is as enjoyable as it is challenging.

Virtual KnockOut, which is currently the focus of a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter, lets people play the game by hand or live. When playing Virtual KnockOut, players will earn the maximum points when they punch the center of the target.

“If you punch too soon, players will get fewer points, and also if you punch too late. If you forget to duck, you will also lose points, so speed and accuracy definitely count,” the spokesperson noted, adding that the game lets players know how many punches they threw, as well as misses and their total and high score.

“With Virtual KnockOut, you can challenge yourself, your friends and your family from anywhere in the world.”

Players can also hone their shadow boxing skills from virtually anywhere, thanks to Virtual KnockOut. People can get up off their couches and play on their TV by themselves or with friends. They can also play when traveling or during a break at work while at the office.

Virtual KnockOut uses high tech 9-axis wrist sensors that are lightweight and accurate. The sensors take standard batteries and offer 100-plus play hours before needing to be replaced. A universal high-speed HDMI cable is also included with the game; it offers nearly zero latency for a fast and accurate gaming experience.

About Virtual KnockOut(TM):

Virtual KnockOut(TM) is a new interactive shadow boxing game that can be cast onto a television and played live. People may download the game onto their iOS or Android devices through the App Store and Google Play, respectively.

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