Kevin David Announces the Successful Launch of His AMZ Automation Program

In the AMZ Automation Program, Kevin David and His Team Show How They Can Build Attendees a Turnkey Amazon Business

Kevin David, an internationally renowned entrepreneur, is pleased to announce the successful launch of his AMZ Automation program.

As Kevin David noted, he understands that while many people would like to start their own Amazon business, they may be unsure of how to get it off the ground.

This knowledge inspired him to create and launch his AMZ Automation program and help as many budding entrepreneurs as possible to turn their Amazon business dreams into reality.

The AMZ Automation program includes 12 weeks of live mentoring with Kevin David and his team. They will guide attendees through everything they need to know about the process, from setting up their business as well as scaling and automation.

Attendees will also have access to an exclusive partners Facebook Community, which features other professional sellers and high net worth individuals. 

“We will work with your store hands-on, and we will choose the products, suppliers, create listings and ads for you, and even coordinate the product launch,” Kevin David noted, adding that he and his team have the longest amount of experience building Amazon stores, compared to other groups that offer a similar service.

“Attendees will also get access to my personal business contacts, including suppliers, 3PLs, accountants and more, along with guaranteed, one-on-one interaction with the world’s top Amazon sellers.”

As Kevin David noted, he and his team have built and run a number of successful Amazon stores, so they definitely have the knowledge to advise others how to do the same. So far, Kevin David and his team have helped to build Amazon stores for over 100 clients from the United States, Canada, the UK, Australia and Europe.

Kevin David said he and his team are also happy to offer a free call to anyone who is interested in signing up for the AMZ Automation program; this way, they can go over any questions the person has about the process.

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