RAIN Eye Drops, a New and Improved Preservative-Free Lubricant Formula, is Now Available from RAIN(TM)

The New Formula is Ideal for Daily Use and Can Help to Moisturize Dry Eyes that Have Been Strained by Excessive Screen Time

The founder of RAIN(TM) is pleased to announce the launch of a new and improved preservative-free lubricant RAIN eye drops.

To learn more about the new RAIN eye drops, which can be used daily to help moisturize dry eyes, please check out www.TryRain.com.

As a company spokesperson noted, the founder understands that because more people are working from home and staying inside, their screen time has definitely increased during 2020. This has also caused many people to experience digital eye strain and other dry eye symptoms.

From helping kids with online schooling, working remotely and watching extra TV and movies to help pass the time, many people end up with red and dry eyes by the end of the day.

This knowledge inspired the founder to create and launch the new and improved lubricant RAIN eye drops and help bring instant relief to uncomfortable dry eye symptoms. In addition, RAIN eye drops also provide a range of other vision products that are designed to promote eye health and nurture vision.

“While there are many different brands of ‘eye drops’ or artificial tears, many of the biggest names are filled to the brim with preservatives and chemicals that don’t actually help dry eyes and could actually harm your eyes over the long term,” the spokesperson noted, adding that RAIN features CMS Eye Moisture, a cutting edge dry eye care component that effectively moisturizes dry eyes and rejuvenates the irritated surface. 

“Unlike preservative and chemical laden alternatives, RAIN’s proprietary formula is safe enough to ingest—though we wouldn’t recommend it.”

As a bonus, since many people are trying to stay at home as much as they can right now, RAIN products can be ordered online and delivered right to the safety of the front door.

About RAIN(TM):

RAIN(TM) presents a new and innovative way to get the healthy, comfortable eyes that people deserve. The formula is based in the personal philosophy of the company’s very health conscious founder. They set out to create a brand-new category of eye drop that feels as soothing and replenishing as actual rain, with no harsh chemicals or preservatives. RAIN eye drops are completely preservative-free and have no harsh chemicals or redness removers to simply hide dry eye problems. RAIN moisturizes the eye’s surface and promotes a natural balance of tears. For more information, please visit https://tryrain.com

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