Wow Much Celebrate: Kabosu the ‘Doge’ Turns 18

Statue unveiled in her honor, plus the first-ever official International Doge Day

Sakura, Japan / To all the meme lovers worldwide, mark your calendars for November 2, 2023 – Own the Doge, in collaboration with the City of Sakura and Bronze The Doge, invites you to a paw-ty like no other, celebrating the 18th birthday of the most famous Shiba Inu of them all – Kabosu, the original Doge, and the first OFFICIAL International Doge Day.

Much wow, but that’s not all ????

As part of the festivities, Own The Doge and an irrepressible band of Dogethusiasts (including the Dogecoin Foundation, Feisty Doge, Doge Pound, and Rainbow) are thrilled to unveil a bronzed tribute to Kabosu, courtesy of Bronze The Doge. This official statue will forever immortalize the cheeky grin that started a meme revolution and took the internet by storm.

Journey back to 2005, the year a little miracle named Kabosu took her first breath in a puppy mill. However, when the mill closed its doors for good, Kabosu, along with her siblings, faced an uncertain future. But destiny had other plans! In 2008, Atsuko Sato embraced Kabosu, nurturing her into a beacon of pure joy and happiness. A mere photograph, clicked by Atsuko for her blog in 2010, was all it took to etch Kabosu into our collective memories.

John Monarch, the poster who shared that photo from Atsuko’s blog and first christened her with the name “Doge” on Reddit, will also be in attendance. In the span of 13 years, “Doge” expanded its footprint to encompass all of meme culture, making significant impressions in areas ranging from internet humor to multi-billion dollar cryptocurrencies. Whether drawn by the allure of the meme or its storied history, attendees will have the opportunity to connect with the original canine that began the phenomenon.

Amidst it all, Kabosu’s tale is a testament to resilience, reminding us that even when faced with life’s ruff patches, optimism and positivity should be our guiding stars. Thanks to her infectious spirit and that unforgettable face, Kabosu’s “Doge” meme is a sensation and has inspired millions across the globe to erupt in joy. It’s as if the cosmos itself leaned down and whispered, “Such meme, many smiles!”

Just earlier this year, meme icons like “Bad Luck Brian” came to Japan to meet the Doge (and went super viral), and film for the Doge documentary – but the internet hasn’t seen anything yet. Along with a gathering of internet legends like Bad Luck Brian and Tay Zonday (of “Chocolate Rain” fame), attendees will also get to meet the ever-gracious Atsuko Sato, Kabosu’s human and guardian of all things Doge.

“Meeting the iconic Doge meme in Japan was the highlight of my life’s adventures! Exploring the beautiful country, indulging in exquisite sushi, and sharing laughs with Doge made this trip truly unforgettable”, Bad Luck Brian told Own The Doge,  “Sometimes, the journey is even better than the destination, and this was one of those moments.”

Special announcement: National Day Calendar has officially named November 2 as “International Doge Day.” Yes, that’s right, a day dedicated to the meme-phenomenon that keeps on giving. Let the annual Doge revelry begin.

For those who want to strut their stuff in style, Own The Doge is offering VIP tickets, which include the finest amenities – from plush hotel stays and private transport, to ritzy parties. But fear not, every pup and person is welcome to join the merriment and celebrate Kabosu’s bark-tastic day at no cost (just find a way to come!).

The countdown has begun, and the excitement is palpable! Interested in joining the party?

Check out for more details and to fetch your tickets.

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Own The Doge is a tribe of doge enthusiasts on a mission to spread paw-sitivity, celebrate the legendary Doge meme’s legacy, and spread the ethos of “Do Only Good Everyday”. With over $1 million in charitable pawprints, unforgettable adventures, and endless wagging, Own The Doge is taking Kabosu’s legacy to infinity and beyond.

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