Waterproof Wall Mount Coaxial Speakers from Anaccord Earns a Double Victory at the 2023 New York Product Design Awards

Anaccord Electronic Technology’s RUBY XSpira Speakers Won Two Silver Awards in the Audio Speaker and Smart Home Entertainment Categories

XINBEI CITY, TAIWAN/ Anaccord Electronic Technology, a Taiwan and China based manufacturer and developer of audio speakers and related products, are pleased to announce a double victory for the RUBY XSpira Waterproof Desktop Wall Mount Coaxial Speakers at the NY Product Design Awards.

To learn more about the RUBY XSpira Desktop Wall Mount Speakers, visit  https://anaccord.net/work/ruby-xspira-ipx66-desktop-wall-mount-coaxial-speakers/.

As Steve Ko, GM of Anaccord and the Lead Designer of the RUBY XSpira noted, he and the team from Anaccord were thrilled with RUBY XSpira winning silver awards in Audio Speaker and Smart Home Entertainment categories.

“The 2023 New York Product Design Awards maintained fairness in their judging process through various measures. The judging panel consisted of 12 jurors from 11 countries, all highly regarded professionals in their respective fields,” Ko said, adding that the jurors represented a number of well-known and successful companies.

“According to representatives from the New York Product Design Awards, Anaccord’s Ruby XSpira Speakers stood out among numerous competitors with well-known company names, and captivated the hearts of the jury.”

RUBY XSpira is an IPX66 Waterproof Coaxial Wall Mount PA Speaker that features outstanding audio performance and aesthetic design.

One of its most distinctive features is the Spiral Knots on the front, which resemble the Celtic Five-Fold Symbol.

However, as Ko noted, this design element serves a purpose beyond its visual appeal; it acts as a Spiral Sound Waves Enhancer, enabling a significantly wider audio reach of 62 degrees vertical and 78 degrees horizontal, compared to the typical 30 to 45 degrees range.

“Combined with the Coaxial Speakers and OBE Bass Radiator at the back, RUBY XSpira delivers outstanding 360 degree audio performance with clear deep bass and sonic purity. Its housing is both visually pleasing and robust, exhibiting minimalist beauty and modern design sophistication,” Ko said.

Thomas Brandt, spokesperson of the International Awards Associate (IAA), said he was proud to feature and honor excellent designers’ works such as the RUBY XSpira Waterproof Desktop Wall Mount Coaxial Speakers at the 2023 NY Product Design Awards.

“As the competition’s level of competitiveness continues to rise each year, the anticipation for more exceptional works entering the competition grows,” he said.

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Anaccord Electronic Technology Co., Ltd, the company behind RUBY XSpira, is one of the market leading audio speakers manufacturers in Taiwan China specialized in developing wall mount in-wall ceiling speakers for the installation speakers market. For more information, please visit https://anaccord.net/.

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