Unity Angels Completes $2m+ Investment in Chubby Group

Unity Angels raises $2m+ for Chubby Group, empowering Asian Pacific entrepreneurs & expanding Chubby Group’s growth.

LOS ANGELES, CA / Unity Angels (UA), an Asian Pacific-led investment network, is excited to announce the completion of their $2m+ raise in Chubby Group (formerly Chubby Cattle International), a prominent US based food and beverage holding company known for its premium food and beverage concepts, including X Pot, Chubby Cattle, and Niku X. This investment represents a milestone in an ongoing partnership between UA and Chubby Group and is integral to UA’s mission of empowering Asian Pacific entrepreneurs and investors. 

This partnership underscores Unity Angels’ dedication to uplifting the Asian Pacific community through supporting API founders and providing access to investment education and opportunities. As a strategic investor, UA is committed to leveraging its extensive network of F&B founders, partners, and strategic investors to support Chubby Group’s journey towards becoming a multi-billion-dollar food and beverage group. UA will extend support beyond traditional capital resources, facilitating connections in adjacent asset classes such as real estate and tech, solidifying their position as a strategic long-term partner to Chubby Group’s team. 

Over the past eight years, Chubby Group has experienced phenomenal growth. From its humble beginnings as a single-location eatery, it has expanded into a chain of multi-concept restaurants with 12 locations. Beyond dining, Chubby Group has ventured into the realm of high-quality consumer goods, producing favorites like Wagyu Rice Bowls and Wagyu Soup Dumplings. Additionally, they’ve positioned themselves as a key distributor in the supply chain, specializing in the distribution of Wagyu and Caviar. To further enhance customer engagement, they introduced 

the innovative “Chubby Club” loyalty program, offering members exclusive benefits across all Chubby Group concepts. Chubby Group’s founders, Harby Yang and David Zhao, have steered the company with strategic agility, achieving consistent growth even during the challenging COVID pandemic. With the backing of UA and the capital secured from this investment, Chubby Group is set to extend its presence to more than 50 locations in the next three years, while simultaneously growing its diverse verticals. 

About Unity Angels

Unity Angels (UA) is an Asian Pacific-powered investment network that creates access to wealth by providing well-structured, curated investment opportunities for all its members. With 300+ global investors, strategic partners, and industry advisors, the UA network empowers them to identify, develop, and catalyze high-quality investments such as Chubby Group. To join or learn more about Unity Angels, visit unityangels.com. 

About Chubby Group

Formerly known as Chubby Cattle International, Chubby Group stands as a premier US-based F&B holding company. Celebrated for its dining concepts such as X Pot, Chubby Cattle, Niku X, and Mikiya, the group operates 12 multi-concept restaurants. Alongside its dining establishments, Chubby Group has launched distinct consumer product lines, featuring standouts like Wagyu Rice Bowls and Wagyu Soup Dumplings. In their quest to elevate the dining scene, Chubby Group also specializes in the distribution of unmatched Wagyu and Caviar. The “Chubby Club” loyalty program accentuates their customer-first philosophy, offering members unparalleled benefits across all entities. With an ambitious trajectory, Chubby Group aims to inaugurate 1,000 locations over the next five years, dedicated to enriching the experiences of Chubby Club aficionados, all while harnessing the power of its integrated supply chain strategy. 

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