Twelfth Launches a New Line of Premium Watches

At, Customers Can Find Attractive, Thoughtful and Premium-Grade Affordable Watches in a Variety of Styles

Twelfth, a company that offers a wide variety of premium-grade watches, is pleased to announce the launch of their new brand and website,

To check out the selection of watches and the new website, please visit

As a company spokesperson noted, Twelfth believes in two key things: creating thoughtful, high quality premium watches without requiring customers to overspend their hard-earned money, and in inspiring confidence in their valued customers through their premium watches and brand.

This aspiration is evident in the company’s name.

“Twelfth is a reference to the number 12 on a clock or watch and represents the moment of transition from today to tomorrow. Tomorrow brings positive change and renewed confidence,” the spokesperson noted, adding that Twelfth is striving to be more than merely a brand that offers premium-grade watches.

“We aim to inspire confidence and positive change with our customers, and we want to equip our customers with the best premium watches and give them the confidence to meet all of the challenges of the day ahead.”

The team at Twelfth also knows that if they want to inspire their customers to be confident and help bring a positive change to the world, they have to strive to do the same. To achieve this important goal, Twelfth is devoted to treating the planet and everyone who lives on it with the utmost of respect.

For example, Twelfth is proud to offer premium-grade watches that last, are shipped in FSC certified packaging, and they also give their customers the option to offset their carbon footprint during checkout.

As the spokesperson noted, the team from Twelfth is excited about the launch of the new brand and website, and working with customers who are looking for high quality premium-grade watches that are not overpriced.

“We are looking forward to meeting those who believe in our values, which involve being confident every day and working to become a positive change in the world.”

About Twelfth:

Twelfth is a new brand and website that features a wide selection of attractive and stylish premium-grade watches for men and women. Each piece is made from only premium-grade materials from the highest quality sources, designed and tailored to the most pristine details. For more information, please contact the brand at or visit

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