TTI Social, the First TikTok Influencer Marketplace that Connects TikTokers with Crypto Projects, is Launched

TTI.Social Will Help Crypto Project Owners to Get Vetted and Work with Quality TikTok Influencers

LOS ANGELES, CA / TTI Social is pleased to announce the launch of the first TikTok influencer marketplace that specializes in connecting quality TikTokers with reputable crypto projects.

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As a company spokesperson noted, thanks to TTI.Social’s effective vetting process that will help select only the best crypto projects, TikTokers can rest assured that they will only work with trusted projects.

“Thanks to our new platform, TikTokers can get paid to promote their projects to their fans without worrying if the project they are promoting is illegitimate,” the spokesperson noted, adding that on the flip side, reputable crypto project owners can also work with higher quality TikTok influencers who are excited to work with them and promote their project.

Even though TTI Social just launched, the spokesperson noted they already are working with dozens of TikTok influencers. By the end of the year, they hope to expand to hundreds of TikTokers who use the platform, which is run by experts in influencer marketing as well as TikTok influencers with years of combined experience in these fields.

Influencers are welcome to register at TTI.Social as a TikTok influencer and then get paid to promote the vetted crypto projects in shoutouts, posts, and videos. Crypto project owners can also register and apply for access to purchase services from the registered TikTok influencers.

“Many of the best TikTokers are hesitant to promote crypto projects to their fans due to their inability to properly vet a new crypto project, but at TTI Social we do all of the vetting for them and only allow trusted projects on the TTI Social marketplace,” the spokesperson noted.

About TTI.Social

TTI.Social is the first platform of its kind that works to connect quality TikTokers with quality crypto projects. The TTI.Social team is made up of influencer marketing gurus with over 7 years of experience. They are currently leveraging their extensive networks in Los Angeles, influencer marketing and crypto to help the new platform to succeed. For more information, please visit

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