Three Movers Requires All Movers to Act in Accordance with New FMCSA Moving Regulations

The New Rules Require Shippers to Provide a Certificate of Insurance or Proof of Financial Responsibility Before Transporting Household Goods

NASHVILLE, TN / Three Movers, a full service moving company, is now requiring all movers to act in accordance with the new Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) moving regulations.

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As an article posted on the Three Movers website notes, the new FMCSA rules are designed to protect consumers from unsafe shipments. The rules now require shippers to provide a certificate of insurance or proof of financial responsibility before transporting household goods with motor carriers.

These new regulations apply to carriers who move household items both within a state and between states, and include trucking companies, railroads, air freight carriers and water carriers.

People who are getting ready to move either interstate or intrastate should be sure that they work with moving companies that comply with the new rules.

For moving companies, if they have not received proof from their insurance provider, and/or have incomplete insurance documents, they should immediately contact their insurance company to get the needed paperwork.

“This can help your business, especially because there are actual charges for not providing these details,” the article notes, adding that if the certificate of insurance is not available, the entire shipment could be sent back, meaning the shipper could lose customers for not being able to complete the job.

In addition to the certificate of insurance or proof of financial responsibility, the new rules also require that drivers receive at least $25 an hour.

As the article notes, this is not the first time that the FMCSA has made updates to their rules. For example, while drivers used to have to pay for their own fuel, they can now buy fuel cards through their employers.

In addition, there are now regulations regarding inspections and maintenance requirements, including inspection stickers and tire tread depth.

All of these rule changes, both past and present, are all designed to streamline the regulations regarding the move of household goods.

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