Three Men and a Truck Experienced a 33 Percent Increase in Same Day Moving Requests in 2021 Versus 2020

Three Men and a Truck Prides Itself on Finding Last Minute Movers for its Valued Clients

Nashville, TN / Three Men and a Truck is pleased to announce that the company experienced a 33 percent increase in same day moving requests in 2021, versus 2020.

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As a company spokesperson noted, Three Men and a Truck understands that a last minute move is exceptionally stressful. This is why the company prides itself on helping people find professional movers who can help with same day moves.

Three Men and a Truck is so adept at finding professional movers who can complete a same day move, they saw a significant uptick in this service during 2021.

One of the many things that helps to set Three Men and a Truck apart from the competition, the spokesperson noted, is that there are never any hidden fees. The company will pack, move and unpack each client’s furniture and other belongings with extra care, and they are also happy to provide free quotes.

“We believe in letting the customer make an informed decision about our service. We offer free quotes for all of our various moving services, so you can decide in advance whether you’re getting a good deal or not,” the spokesperson noted, adding that thanks to the company’s commitment to fast service, clients will not need to wait for their delivery to arrive.

“We manage our logistics and resources carefully to bring your belongings where you need them as fast as possible.”

In addition, people who are faced with a last minute move will not have to worry that the team from Three Men and a Truck will not show up. The company promises reliable service, and they will not cancel, reschedule or be delayed. Clients who book a same day move will rest assured that Three Men and a Truck will show up on time and ready to work.

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Josh, Chris, and Lenny have been in the moving business for over 20 years. After their move, they put their heads together and realized that they could make good business out of their rented truck. They began helping local people move, and their business grew from there. They offer great prices and outstanding service to their valued customers. For more information, please visit

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