The X Pot is Coming to Chicago and it Has Already Gained “Staple” Status

The X Pot Chicago is ready to take Chicago Hot Pot to the next level. With Robot servers and 5D projections, The X Pot is not your average Hot Pot restaurant.

Chicago, Illinois – The X Pot is planning on opening its newest location in Chicago this summer. By blending together traditional Hot Pot dishes with non traditional ingredients, The X Pot is truly a unique experience. The new eatery will be located at the Roosevelt Collection Shops just in time for summer.

Until recently, Hot Pot was seen as a casual dining experience. David Zhao, co-founder of The X Pot, decided to challenge the idea of Hot Pot as casual and in the process, created one of the most well known luxury Hot Pot experiences. The X Pot includes both traditional and non-traditional Hot Pot menu items such as A5 Wagyu beef, creamy lobster soup base and sliced beef tendon.

As The X Pot’s new Chicago location is preparing to open, Zhao states “Our team has prepared the most luxurious dishes for our Chicago opening. Your senses don’t know what’s in store, Chicagoans”

From beautiful hand drawn menus to 5D animated performances of ancient Chinese face-changing ceremonies, The X Pot Chicago will truly be an immersive dining experience. Guests who sit in the main dining room will be surrounded by large scale animation paired with thematic soundscapes and light shows. Those in the VIP room are served a 12-course meal with animations paired with every course.

The X Pot Chicago will be opening in the Roosevelt Collection Shops in Chicago’s South Loop this summer. The new Chicago location will keep the flagship locations’ charm all the while inviting new customers to experience luxury Hot Pot.

The X Pot has taken the restaurant industry by storm and shown the world that luxury Hot Pot is the future of restaurants. Even though it hasn’t opened yet, there is no doubt The X Pot will quickly become a part of Chicago culture.

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