The Three Best Small Business Insurance Companies are Named in New Article by General Liability Insurance

Liberty Mutual, The Hartford and Travelers All Received Top Marks in the Recent Article

NEW YORK, NY / General Liability Insurance, an online platform that helps business owners purchase commercial business insurance, is pleased to announce that it has posted a new article to the website that names the three best small business insurance companies.

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As the article notes, regardless of what type or size business a person owns, it is crucial that they purchase small business insurance. Unfortunately, finding the best type of insurance can often be a time consuming and stressful process that leaves hard-working business owners feeling overwhelmed.

To make finding insurance as easy as possible, General Liability Insurance was inspired to research and write the new article, which also includes a number of in-depth and helpful small business insurance reviews.

After looking at a variety of small business companies, General Liability Insurance has chosen three as the cream of the crop; these results are based on cost, customer service quality, insurance claim processing and coverage that meets the needs of most small businesses.

For example, Liberty Mutual was chosen as one of the three best small business insurance companies due in part to its swift and straightforward process and 24-hour claim assistance.
“Plus, they cover many different industries, and coverage can be combined for what can often be a pretty cost-effective small business insurance policy. In other words, business owners enjoy suitable coverage at a reasonable price regardless of the industry,” the article notes.
The Hartford also made the Top 3, thanks in part to its offering interruption insurance, which covers lost income, forced closure and natural disasters. In addition, all small business policies can be customized, and The Hartford offers a wide selection of both policies and coverages.

Rounding out the Top 3 is Travelers, which the article notes has a great deal of experience in the commercial insurance property realm.

“Travelers has various policies and are designed to meet the needs of businesses across over 20 industries,” the article notes.

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