The Spanish Property Market Promises to Be Busy in 2023, Notes Spot Blue International Property

Based on Current Tourism Statistics, Spain Should See a Record Number of International Tourists in 2023

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM / Spot Blue International Property, a leading international property agency in the UK, is pleased to announce that the Spanish property market looks to be promising in 2023.

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As Julian Walker, Director of Spot Blue International Property noted, it is predicted that more international travelers than ever will visit Spain in 2023. As many as 85 million tourists are expected to travel to Spain this year, which is significantly higher than the 71 million who visited the country in 2022.

In addition, Walker said, tourists to Spain are predicted to stay longer than in previous years. This increase in visitors and vacation length should result in as many as 100 billion euros being spent in the country.

For people who wish to purchase real estate in Spain which they will then rent out to tourists, Walker said 2023 is an ideal time to do just that.

“Whether buying Spanish property to live in or rent out, our real estate agents and partners make the process easy and straightforward,” he said, adding that some popular property types in Spain for sale include beachside homes, apartments, villas, townhouses, and rural properties.

“It is important to understand what kind of property you are looking for and the key features you require. Some of these may be essential to you, such as modern or new development, ground-level accessibility or proximity to restaurants, bus stops, and so many minutes’ walk from a beach.”

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