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Introducing ‘The Profitable Expat’ Website & Blog

The Profitable Expat was born to help anyone looking to live a life of adventure and financial freedom. The blog provides quality content written in a friendly and entertaining way that touches on a number of topics such as what life is like in a foreign country as well as how people can set themselves up with multiple income streams and live their life with less financial stress.

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As a spokesperson noted, one of the main goals of The Profitable Expat is to empower women to help identify the perfect business that they can start that matches their talents, resources and lifestyle. With this goal in mind, the new site will feature articles related to this subject as well as lighthearted and often humorous accounts about real life experiences living abroad.

For instance, a recent article titled “Ever Wonder What A Japanese Wedding Is Like?” offers an in-depth and entertaining account of an expat’s first experience as a guest at a local wedding.

Accounts like this and many others will help people navigate the differences found when living and exploring new and exciting places.

The Profitable Expat also features helpful articles on topics that can help readers’ financial journeys such as Cryptocurrency investing, starting a business, publishing a book and more.

With new content being added regularly, those considering the expat lifestyle will find ‘The Profitable Expat’ to be a valuable resource on all fronts.

About The Profitable Expat:

The Profitable Expat is a new site founded by Heather Farrell. She has lived overseas for 20 years and has worked independently in multiple countries. She has several years of first-hand experience trading stock options and has been operating online businesses for nearly a decade. Today her main focus is empowering women to create steady passive income from anywhere in the world. For more information, please visit

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